Medicross Health Care Group - Security

Dec 22, 2021

Omania-of Cape Town, South Africa

In October 2021 i took my daughter to the Medicross in Tableview Cape Town. When i got back to my car, 2 of my wheel caps were stolen. The security guard said that she didn't see anything, she didn't even want to log the incident but was eventually forced to. I never got a follow up call from Medicross to ask me what happened. I reported the theft at SAPS. I spent R2000 to replace the wheel caps.

On the 21st of December 2021 i went back to the same Medicross. Came out of the Medicross and another 2 of my wheel caps where stolen. We even had cable ties on them which was cut in the parking. The security again says they did not see anything. The practice manager (Shameema Gallant) said i must send her an email which i did. Today the 22nd of December still no call from Medicross or reply email from Shameema. This is a place we go to when we are ill, and now we are no longer safe. It seems like security of their customers are the least of their concerns. I can't believe that no one contacted me even to advise on the way forward or if there is something they can do from their side to assist with the replacement of these wheel caps. It's fine to say park at your own risk but this is supposed to be a secure parking for customers.