Merchant One - unexplained settlements from my bank account due to Merchant One deductions.

Apr 29, 2022

American Student Books, inc.-of Whitestone, US

I had identified two separate "settlements" from my bank account that have not been identified by Merchant One. I emailed the department that had handled a previous complaint where monies were removed from my account, that was later explained as being an error from the credit card company paying double the amounts and later removing the overpayment (caused entirely by the cc companies, not me, so I was told) The person who handled this investigation is a Felix in Security at the Merchant One firm. I accepted his explanation on face value, however, I have since written to him on more recent "settlements" that he has not yet responded to. I have written three times, beginning on April 20, 2022, April 21, and April 22 and April 29th, yet to date, he has not responded to my inquiry. The two deductions are as follows:

April 19, 2022 $299.00 and March 28, 2022 $499.00 (neither of these deductions from my bank have been explained by Merchant One as to why they were deducted from my account). I now question the former deductions that Felix attributed to the credit card companies removing over payments. The fact that Merchant One refuses tio identify the reason for having removed money from my bank account is suspicious at best, I need answers, please assist me so that I can resolve this issue Merchant One refuses to address. What prevents this firm from taking money out of customer's accounts without justification or an explanation. I have not received any notices that these monies being removed are a result of any chargebacks.