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Dec 03, 2021

Npattersonm-of MD, United States

On June 21st, 2021 I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Craig A. Vander Kolk for a Breast Reduction on November 30th. A week later, I received all the relevant paperwork that walked me through the procedure and payment options.

A few months after scheduling, I met with my Primary Care to discuss my scheduled surgery and find out what I needed to do prior to my surgery because communication with you office was very unprofessional. At that point I discovered with my Primary Care that there was no scheduled surgery on the Mercy system. At that point I emailed Dr. Kolk office and called several times. Finally, some called me back with much annoyance assuring me that my name was on the Dr. Volk's calendar and I had no reason to worry. I was also assured that insurance logistics and costs would be discussed a few weeks prior to surgery. After that conversation, I never received any follow-up and no one ever contacted my insurance. Very disappointed after all the work I had done preparing my insurance for the surgery.

I waited from June 21st to November 30th for this surgery to find out that it was in actuality never scheduled. Clearly this office thought my much needed surgery was a total waste of your time. The lack of follow up, replying to my emails or phone calls is very disappointing.

How can I get all of those months of waiting for a surgery that was never scheduled, and zero follow up? Honestly, your office made me feel like my body, time and money was a waste of your time.

A much frustrated patient.

Naomi Patterson