Mercy Medical Center - Colonoscopy went wrong and doctor did not seem concerned

Dec 23, 2021

Kathy Caulfield-of Kathy Caulfield, United States

Colonoscopy went wrong and doctor did not seem concerned. I went to Dr. Lotsoff for a colonoscopy may 2021that is required every 10 years. I told Dr Lotsoff afterwards about the diarrhea and he gave me A prescription. That didn't work so then he gave me another one which slowed down my diarrhea but if I didn't take the medicine i would end up pooping an orange mucus bile and bloating and stomach pains However to date it has continued and I tried to speak to Dr. Lotsoff office earlier and the lady would not let me talk to him and told me I needed to wait until January 14 at my appointment to discuss with him. This has been going on since May. Dr Lotsoff was supposed to send in for a specimen but I got no information on it at all and he was too excited to go on his vacation and forgot to even tell me where to go what to do or that he had ordered the specimen which I was never informed of details Even if I didn't get the specimen you would think that the doctors office would call me at least to remind me or some thing because I never got notification of an appointment that they had scheduled a week later. They scheduled it on MyMercy and didn't have the courtesy to call to tell me that they had scheduled an appointment so the appointment came and went.
That was in May 2021 to date which is December I am still having problems with pooping out bile mucus diarrhea. I told him the last time I talk to him he did not seem concerned. I contacted another doctor and got specimens completed only to find out I have to have another colonoscopy and get a biopsy. Horrible customer service and Dr Lotsoff could care less. I had no problems until after the colonoscopy I'm the only one and another Doctor Who seems to be concerned Dr Lotsoff is not.

No place on here to put my name my name is Kathy Caulfield my phone number is [protected]