Meritage Homes - Incomplete Home

Mar 15, 2022

Anuj Sharma-of US

I closed a home on 27th January 2022 with Meritage. During the final inspection i noticed there were no glass for showers, no bathroom fittings and no mirrors. I asked them to move the closing date since the home was not ready. I was informed that Meritage has a certification that the home is livable and if i dont close my money will be forfeited and home given to someone else. They assured me all these things will be resolved in a week's time before i move in. I moved in on 5th February with Heater not working, water not heating along with the issue with Bathroom mirror and shower glass. I had. to raise a request to get issues completed with water and heating. by the end of February after repeated reminders, they called me and said they are ready to install the bathroom shower glass and mirrors. They came and installed just one shower glass and went away. When contacted the construction Manager, he seemed unaware and promised he will get all items installed in a day or two. After a week again i received a call that all my glass and mirror issues will be resolved. Again they came and installed just the shower glass in another bathroom. The construction manager again showed the same ignorance and promised to check with contractor and get my mirrors installed.

They dropped again at my request and arranged a temporary mirror in only 1 bathroom. SInce then I am still waiting for mirrors. on repeated reminders i am being said that there is no date since all the houses are waiting for mirrors. I am aware of a few houses that closed after me and have all the items in the home. I feel I am being discriminated by Meritage. I feel so bad that I have been dealing with a company with such poor ethics. Heads up to anyone reading this post, please stay away from Meritage since they are only here to give you headache.