Meritage Homes - Home builder in Oakland Fl 34787

Jan 15, 2022

Mayra Fernandez-of US

We purchased a home in Oakland Fl Meritage Homes. We noticed after about two years a moldy smell in our master bathroom. Then we began to notice a warping and yellow stain on our baseboards by the master tub. We started looking under the sink to see if we had a leak and noticed the entire sink cabinet was destroyed from water damage under the base. This is the cabinet next to the tub.
We immediately called a plumber to figure out where the water was coming from. At this point we never has seen any water.
When the company came out the plumber said it's not the sink he ran the faucet and saw no water at all leaking.
He said it could be the tub next to the sink. He turned on the tub looking under the cabinet that is next to the tub and noticed water begin to come out from under the tub.
He found the source of the water damage that had been happening. Then he said whoever installed the tub did not do it correctly there for you've had a leak that you couldn't see and has caused all the damage under your cabinet.
I've been contacting Meritage to see if the could fix the poor installation by the contractor they hired and fix all the damage this has caused on my new home that is only a little over 2 years old not even 3 years old.
We shouldn't be dealing with an issue like this.
They said it's out of warranty but this is not a warranty issue this is a terrible and poorly installation by a contractor and they should fix it. I have mold and a completely lower cabinet with severe damage.
Meritage has been giving me the run around back and forth waiting for an inspector to come in. In the meantime the mold is spreading. Please if someone could reach out to me and see how we could fix this issue in my home.
Mayra Miles
Please call or reach out to me