Merrill Edge - death beneficiary

Feb 22, 2022

Allen McIrvin-of US

my father passed away 8?20 my mother and I tried for a year to get the account closed. I had to fax the same documents several times for an entire year. Eric Hill was the first person I spoke with. he said all we had to do was fax a signed document and the check would be sent. I never heard back from him. Then I spoke with Alex McCleod and Josh Duprey. they said all the paperwork was in that a check would be sent. 11/21 my mom passed away. The next day I get a call from Eric Hill he said he would now send the check. he just needed to talk to my mom one more time for her permisssion. She passed away the night before. I am now the beneficiary. Eric Hill said he would expedite the paperwork for me. I faxed my moms death certificate to Merrill. It is now February and no one has called me back. I am now on hold for 1 hour waiting for someone to answer the phone. The worst company to do business with. Can someone at Merrill please call me. Eric Hill knows the situation.