Metra Rail - Passenger's rights violated

May 18, 2022

Jaume Solduga-of US

Line - UP-W

During Covid, Metra has relaxed "bikes on trains" policy. This is still the case today, May 18, 2022, per Metra's website and an email I received from their customer service.

However, it appears that conductors are completely unaware of this, as I have been told twice that bicycles are not allowed on rush hour trains. In one of this occasions, I was denied boarding. The only message the conductor repeated is "no bikes on trains during rush hour".

I wrote Metra's customer service again and they argued that accepting bikes is at the conductor's discretion because the train may be full or more passengers may board along the road. While this may be true (highly unlikely) on one of my incidents, this does not apply to the other case as the train was a non-stop to downtown Chicago (and nearly empty).


1) conductors are misinformed about current Metra policies (the argument "no bikes during rush hour" proves it)

2) not allowing bikes on trains is not left to the better judgement of conductors, rather to their arbitrary enforcement (of a policy they don't know exists)

3) Metra will do nothing to support the rider's rights -given by their own policy (or relaxation thereof)