Micro-Star International [MSI] - RMA on my Ventus 3x 3060

Mar 15, 2022

Lucas Leme-of US

I bought my 3060 back in December, and in early February I realized that the fans made a grinding noise when I increased their speeds (this is most likely a defective fan bearing), so I sent it for an RMA. The process of getting the ticket was easy, but they require that I pay for shipping which ended up being nearly $50 (this card is $550 which is higher than market averages btw), so that was distasteful. In addition, the RMA process took 5 weeks, and I received the card today 3/15/2022, and as soon as I install it and check to see if the issue was gone, I find that the issue persists! So essentially, they made me pay $50 to ship a broken GPU they sold to me, then they made me wait 5 weeks while they seemingly didn't do anything to the card, and now I have a GPU in the EXACT same BROKEN condition I bought it in, only $50 in shipping and 5 weeks of a GPU-less system collecting dust later. I'm talking with the assistants right now to get it fixed, and it seems the best MSI can do to make this ridiculous situation right is email me a NEW RMA with a prepaid label, and they're making me wait EVEN LONGER TO GET A WORKING GPU. There's no offer to send a replacement ASAP, no compensation for my wasted time either.