Midas - Service

Dec 08, 2021

Evelia Corona — USA

My name is Evelia. I took 2013 Dodge caravan to the midas located off of nellis/ stewart in las vegas nevada on November 3rd 2021. There was a knocking noise coming from the engine. I previously had it in the same shop in march of 2020 for the same noise which they found out the fly wheel was cracked and had a big hole in it. Midas told me they think someone previous put the fly wheel on using an impact wrench and tightened it down to hard which gave stress cracks in the fly wheel and later turned into it breaking. So the new noise sounded simlar to the old noise so I took it in to midas again. Now on November 3rd 2021 I took it in and midas kept it for a week and told me that it was the fly wheel again and I said "Isn't it under warranty" which the replied "yes and we will fix it free of charge". I was told everything would be covered. Then I didnt hear anything back for a week. I was forced to get a rental car which I had for 16 days which cost me $1, 232.13 and was given no help or loaner car by midas. I had to contact them all the time and received almost no phone calls from midas. I was told its the countries suppl chain issues and was offered little to no information on my vehicle. I spoke to a daniel at midas finally who told me the fly wheel came in almost a month later and they were going to be fixing it free of charge. Then I was later told after the fly wheel was fixed that there was broken parts on the car (engine mounting bolts) and the crank shaft that caused vibration which caused the fly wheel to break and that those problems would need to be fixed or the fly wheel would break again. Now I dont know much about cars, but I as a customer took there advice and was under the impression that they were honest people working for an honest company. That was until I recieved 3 phone calls. First one was daniel telling me the extra work could be down for under $600 dollars and I didnt have to pay for labor just the parts. I gave a verbal acceptane of this fee over the phone and was told me vehicle would be ready in two days. Now a month later I was offered a loaner car for 2 days by daniel after going a month without my car. I then was called 2 days later by randy and told my car was ready to be picked up. Not even 5 mins later I receive another phone call from randy again telling me that he wanted to verify a quote that I had agreed to for $1500 dollars. I told him I never agreed to this and he said I signed a paper of the agreement. When I asked where that paper was he didnt have one and switched his story and said I verbally agreed to that. I then asked to speak to daniel and was told hes not available at the moment. When I got down to midas randy switched his story again and said daniel wasn;t working that day. So I ended up paying another price when I got there of $1147.82 to get my vehicle they were holding hostage for a month. With the rental car and midas ripping me off I ended up paying a total of $2, 379.95 for a month of not having a vehicle. As a single pregnant mother who works this was unbelievable. They were dishonest and ripped me off. I would tell everyone to stay away from midas. What they did was extremely unethical and intentional. I was also told by randy that daniel was not allowed to be making price decisions with people over the phone because he was there for under a year except they were letting this man take peoples cars and scheduling work. This was more lies on top of lies. I have tried to contact midas and everytime I've called there customer service 800 number they transfer you to the local midas that ripped me off in the first place. Oh and by the way. My car now is banging and still making a ticking/knocking noise and sounds like a diesel. I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COST. I will be taking legal action if this isnt resolved. This was fraudulant.

Spoke to a Kelia in georgia
12-1-21 and no outcome