Miles and More - booking an award flight

Jan 17, 2022

PatrycjaCh-of Krakow, PL

I was trying to book a flight from Krakow, Poland to San Jose, Costa Rica using my reward miles (am in Senator program). spent 49 min with 1 consultant who at the end of the conversation disconnected me as he was not able to find any flights. Next call lasted for 19 minutes - I was put on hold for 10 minutes and the consultant was not responding to any of my questions (are you there? have you found anything?) and then disconnected me. He took my number but did not call back. Lastly I spoke to a lady (another 15 min) who wasn't helpful either as couldn't find any flights between Feb 11 and March 11 - I need just 2 places in Business class to San Jose. These award points seems to be useless if I cannot get a flight with so much flexibility on the dates . Very disappointing. I feel disrespected and discriminated!