Miles and More - Miles and More

Jan 25, 2022

Christian Boutillier-of US

Good afternoon,

I want to make a claim related to the expiration of my miles.
I found a few days ago an e-mail in my spams saying that my +228'000 will expire at the end of March 2022 ! What a surprise.
I am pretty sure that there was no expiration date communicated to me recently, at least not in the last 2 years, and since this time with the COVID crisis, you can imagine that I didn't have any opportunity to review potential change in regard with my miles.
I find very rude & not very respectful in the current COVID crisis to set up such short term expiration date with poor or no communication !
The problem is also that I don't know how an expiration date came out of the blue and I don't have traceability on how it happened.
First, I am requesting that you remove the expiration date for all my +228'000 miles, or at minimum that you give me at least 3 years to spend them.
Also, in accordance with GDPR, I am formally requesting that you send to me the written trace of ALL events which happened to my miles (addition, status change, set UP of an expiration date, all communications sent to me about those évents, etc...).
I am looking forward for your prompt reply.
My membership number is [protected], I am member for more than 20 years.


Christian Boutillier