Miracle-Ear - cheapest hearing aide Lorrie Black told us was $7,799.

Mar 21, 2022

Nancy L Atwell-of US

3/17/2022 9;00 we gave lorrie black 600.00 to give to a company cause we cause we wanted to know our monthly payments we told lorrie my husband is a vet, has cancer i am disable we live on limit income. she shows a chart with hearing aide prices 7,000.00 to 10,00.00 lorrie says what would you want , of course you will say 7,000.00 she says payments would be 123.00 for 5 years. she already knew i couldn't hear. we told her we would like to go home & talk about it & she says we should do it now, we di it but when i got home & really read the paper with numbers on it. i was paying for shipping why? i called same day never & have yet to talk to lorrie black i called 3 times & told scott whoever he is. i called this morning & scott she would call me back.i said i have cancell so cancell appointment for tommorrow. she has my debit card number why did she need my checking account number. the 600.00 she took off my card disappeared, i have that on paper. we copied from your web site this morning lots of hearing aides 68,00 & up till march 31 2022.

nancy atwell