Mom365 / Our365 - Paid for, but did not receive digital download after 10 business days

Feb 16, 2022

Mike2022-of WEST GROVE, US

Our son's photos were about to expire per automated messages my wife received from them. So, I went to their website to order the digital download package. We placed the order and were charged on 2/1/22 at 9p ET. It has been 10 business days later and we have received nothing despite messages on the site saying digital products / downloads are processed and delivered within 48 hours. I looked on the website and there is no phone number to call. You have to fill out one of those web forms that routes your inquiry somewhere.

However, I did find a number along with the charge on my credit card. For those that need this, it is: [protected]. I called it and it appears to be their number. I am going to call them later today to actually speak with someone.

If they do not provide the product, I will contact the credit card company to refute the charge. It's fraud to charge for a service you did not provide or to misrepresent yourself and take money from people.

If they make good, I'll come back here and update this. Today is 2/16/2022. So, if you see no updates after this initial message, assume they tried to take our money without providing us a product.