Moneris Solutions - Ending 6 year service and getting gouged 661 dollars at the end

Apr 30, 2022

Heather Joy 4444-of US

I was with moneris 6 years. It was great. But I eventually had a bigger store needed something that didn’t run off my phone. After 6 months of feeling ok with new machine I realized I could cancel moneris. I paid for the connection for 6 months as it was only 21$. So I called them up to cancel. They said ok. Then they send machines back. But they never gave me address or pick up number from purolater. About 3 weeks passes by then dong my account 661$. I don’t even know who it was it said rbc. My bank rejected it as they didn’t have new numbers on my account. So I got my money back. Then someone tells me moneris is owned by royal bank and I realize it was moneris. I phone them up. Saying I need to return equipment need address and purolater tracking etc. They ask for my banking information. I say no. You already tried to debit my account 661$. So no I’m not giving you banking info. Well we have to verify, I said verify another way. I’m told it’s policy. I am not given address to return or number for purolater unless I provide banking info. And they will send to collection agency nor will they cancel my account. They say it’s just inactive! I have this all recorded. So im being blackmailed to provide my banking info when all I owe is machines. That they obviously don’t want.