MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care - Charged even though no service rendered

May 15, 2022

Justin Kendall Rodgers-of US

Went in on 5/15/22 with medical concern... checked me in.. took my copay... sat me in a room and then 5 minutes into them asking questions about whats going on. the "doctor" walks in the room and says we cannot do anything for you here.. I then asked I just want something specific looked at to see if hospital is warranted (they automatically said go to hospital without even SEEING the issue) that was what i was trying to determine. they then informed me that even tho no medical service was performed (they didnt even take my vitals.. i literally sat down in the room and was answering medical history questions.) That I would still be charged a bill for coming in. and they could not reverse that and that they would try to make it the "Cheapest option"

The lady at the counter was saying "oh, if i had known they couldnt look at it i wouldbnt even have taken your copay."

Will NEVER use this medical service again.. Doctor was incredibly rude right off before I even asked about refunds she just came in with a "why are you here" atittude...

Doctor would not even look to see if a hospital was necessary. Just cut me off whenever I tried to talk. then escorted me out of the building (i was not acting irate or anything at all i even told the lady they sent in to "break the news to me" that i knew it was not her fault"

No services were rended didnt even get my pulse taken... Hospital dumbfounded that I was sent to ER without any assessment of the situation.

I can provide patient name and address and phone number if there is to be resolution to this.

This kinda person should NOT be in healthcare.

Said my copay would be refunded.. We will see.