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Mar 15, 2022

Tayil1957-of Fayetteville, US

On February 25, I signed my son up for health insurance after practically being pressured into purchasing the contract. I felt like I was talki9ng to a used car salesman, he was being so insistent. I explained that my son has a couple preexisting conditions before he signed me up for the plan. Afterward, I had time to peruse the contract and saw that his preexisting conditions would not be covered, so I worked with Health Insurance Marketplace to get him onto a decent health insurance plan without all the extra frills. According to the contract, I should be able to cancel for a full refund ( $313.24). I called the customer service number [protected] on February 28 and was told that I needed to provide proof of his new insurance and my refund would arrive within 5 to 10 business days. I sent the email with the proof on the same day. After 5 business days, I called to check on the status of my refund and was told the lady who handled that was in a meeting and would call me back within the hour. The next day, after not receiving her call, I checked in again and was told the same thing. A few days later I called and supposedly the network was down nationally. Now, it has been 12 business days and I still have not been contacted or received my refund.