MyCleanPC - MyCleanPC

Apr 07, 2022

High country gal-of Harper, US

MyCleanPC uses unethical marketing tactics. It advertises a program that is supposed to "clean" computers for $19.95/year. That sounds reasonable, but fine print on the order page, on a grey background says that afterh paying the $19.95, the buyer will be billed monthly for 24/7 live support, unless the buyer cancels.

All the large print and medium print only refer to the $19.95/year cleaning program. The fine print is hidden where most consumers won't notice it. The necessity to "cancel" something one did not order seems counter-intuitive at best and downright dishonest at worst.

I tried to get my money returned, and though I had never once used their 24/7 live support (if it exists) and this would have been easy for the company to check, they refused to return the money they charged my credit card for services I did not receive.

Because the ordering page actually mentions the monthly charge, even though in fine print on a gray background, their tactic is probably legal, if barely so. The company appears to be defrauding customers by design at the rate of $19.95/month. Most people are probably chagrined at themselves for not reading the fine print when they notice the unauthorized charges and they chalk it up to experience. I had not paid attention for a number of months before noticing the charges, and the total amount was significant. But the company basically says "Too bad for you. We got your money, and we aren't giving it back even though you received nothing for it.

Computer experts advise that "Temporary files are not slowing down your computer, and neither are browser history entries or cookies. Registry entries are generally not a problem — there’s a reason Microsoft once created a registry cleaner of their own before discontinuing it and advising people not to use registry cleaners." In other words, even the $19.95/year program (if it works) doesn't do anything useful. If your computer is running slow, run a disk fragmenter instead. The took is included with Windows.

MyCleanPC is a scam offering unneeded services and charging for undelivered services.

MyCleanPC is a version of CyberDefender that also sells as and All these programs are scams advertising unrealistic results and actually installing software that slows down computers. The "errors" they find on a free scan are also found on brand new clean computers, as testified by qualified tech experts. In other words, these are not genuine errors. The programs will not make your computer run faster, but they will take your money.

Don't believe the 5-star reviews. In all likelihood they are "reviews" paid for by the company and are actually used to advertise their products.