MyPerfectCV - myperfectcv

Nov 21, 2021

stacey001 — USA

I designed a CV on this web-sight and when i finished it i was requested to pay 2.95 to download it, which i paid.
the website is very misleading because aswell as my one time fee to download I was now signed up to a subscription which I was not clearly told about, in fact I didn't even realise this was happening until they took 24.99 for 3 months and certainly did not want or knowingly agree to these charges.
I see that i am not the only customer who has this problem since it seems that the site is not very transparent.
I received no email receipts or warnings each month that payment was been taken.
if i signed up for a subscription why was i also charged twice for downloading the CV.
I have no used the service since the first time therefor i have been charged 75euro for absolutely nothing .
Im emailing hopefully I can have this resolved before I report it to my bank request a charge back and take this further.
There is definitively a transparency issue here, which by the volume of people complaining about this issue this company is very aware of whats happening.
So I would like to be refunded for a service I did not want or use.
kind regards