MyPillow - 3 in. King Mattress Topper

Dec 07, 2021

Wanda M Fisher-of United States

I purchased a King 3 in. MyPillow mattress topper and received it Jan. 17, 2021. Within about 2 months, the topper was sinking where we lay in the bed. I started rotating the topper every month to try to distribute our weight on it. Now I feel like I am lying in a well, and there is a ridge between my husband and I where we lie. Even when our comforter-type bedspread is on the bed, there are large indentions at the head and foot of the bed where the topper has sunk in. This mattress topper is supposed to have a ten year warranty, but I cannot find out what that covers. I have called MyPillow's customer service number, [protected], and even stayed on the line for two hours waiting for a representative to answer. I tried the Chat feature and the "bot" informed me no one was on line at that time and to try the customer service number. MyPillow advertises service 24/7. I don't think MyPillow responds to customer inquiries. I paid $395.87 for this mattress topper and have not had a restful night for the past seven months.
Wanda M Fisher, Customer