- Delivery

Feb 08, 2022

Anon. Mike-of US

I was going to complain except it's suddenly dawned on me how EXCELLENT Eds service was. Idk what's happened to him, he's probably on his holidays in Dubai or Las Vegas!

I had a great working relationship with Ed... Even to the point were he gave me 100 2mg bars for nothing...twice! He was always courteous, business like, and genuine. Idk wtf you are all so salty over? I never once got roasted by him or his team. Maybe he just didn't like you lot... It seems that most of the complaints originate from the US? Why is this? Have you guys not got easier access to Xanax than us UK lot?

I really don't know what happened to Ed... but I wish you all of life's luck . Come back big man I miss you and your pills! We can still make sweet sweet deals together!????????????