N2 Publishing - N2 Publishing - Sponsorship and The Red Flags that contribute to small businesses being taken advantage of.

Feb 17, 2022

Traci Fuqua-of Indianapolis, US

Beware! This company preys on small business within local communities. If you are approached by a franchise owner, run the other way, ignore their messages and protect your small business. This company does not have your best interest as a small business owner. They are in the business of filling ad spaces but that is it. You will not benefit from sponsoring a local magazine with this publishing company.

Please read the red flags I have listed below. You will be glad that you took the time to do so.

I am writing this review as I am a current sponsor seeking to terminate my sponsorship with N2 Publishing. I don't want anyone to make the mistake like myself and other small business in my community where we have invested thousands of dollars as sponsors to this publication with no leads.

I was approached by a franchise owner via Instagram about an opportunity to sponsor a local magazine published through N2 Publishing. I met with the franchise owner in person over lunch to hear what was being offered. Of course the sales pitch was saying how wonderful the magazine is and that it will put you and your business in front of a target audience of residents who support local small businesses. What sold me was that other small businesses that I work with or heard of were also sponsors of this magazine, and getting social media exposure, so I signed a contract to become a sponsor. After 7+ months I have not received any leads after paying $325 a month for a sponsorship.

First Red Flag: It takes on average 18+ months to generate leads. The Franchise Owners response to not receiving leads is that it takes on average 18+ months for leads to generate. In this day and age it should not 18 + months and thousands of dollars to get a lead.

Second Red Flag: You will not get any monthly, quarterly or yearly reports that will show how your sponsorship and ad is performing. You will not have any metrics that show how many viewers have seen your ad, based on the amount of magazines published. You will not receive any data on what the ad placement, lead generation or booking rates your ad receives. You will not receive any communication on ways to improve your ad to help generate leads.

Third Red Flag: The contract you will sign is very binding and hard to get out of. The magazine will want at least a 3 year commitment. You will have to pay at least $500 which is a fee to cover you Ad management and Design Fee. You will not be able to terminate your sponsorship until you have at least been in contract for 12 months. At that point you will then have to pay 50 percent of the remaining contract even after requesting to terminate the agreement and pulling your ad. This is a tactic for them to generate revenue and take advantage of small businesses financially.

Forth Red Flag: In their contract, when you are in dispute with them, you can't stop or withhold your monthly payment with them. If you choose this route, you will be charged a monthly late fee of at least 1.5%.

Fifth Red Flag: The Franchise Owner you meet with, may not have the capacity to manage all the sponsors of their magazines, so they will use language to get you to opt out of social media ad services. (Initial your name on the first page of the agreement). Something that got me was, the franchise owner I met with, has social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram for his franchises magazine publications. He will post about sponsors on these platforms. But only does it for a select few. So if you are looking to have exposure on a social media level, beware of what you see the franchise owner doing. They are not contractually obligated to do this and it is misleading for someone considering a sponsorship.

Sixth Red Flag: In the contract it states that the magazine can't promise that reader or sponsor events will be available to you for additional exposure. Don't let the franchise owner use this as a tactic to get you to sign a contract for sponsorship.

Please take these red flags and choose not to give N2 Publishing or their Franchise Owners any of your money.