Namshi General Trading - About my Refund yet not transfered to bank

Dec 21, 2021

Ali Mukhtarli-of Saudi Arabia

I have ordered two items from Koton (Outside the country) on 24th November 2021, and they told that it takes 9 working days to ship those two items once the supplier hands to us. I waited for about 13 days contacted via so many emails and they sended message that they have resolved it and expected to ship within 4-5 days!. After 3 days of that message, they cancelled and told that the supplier couldn't find the exact sizes as I have ordered before which was mentioned online available but now not there. They added the amount to my Namshi account and I asked them to transfer it to my bank account. They claimed that it takes 10-14 business days to reflect on your account and we have already transferred the amount (manual transaction on Namshi's page). Yet now I'm waiting but still no message from bank at all regarding about my money.

Please contact namshi