National Organics - Product not delivered

Dec 28, 2021

Jinho-of Daejeon, Korea (South)

Please reconsider if you plan to order organic products from National Organics Pvt. Ltd in NEPAL.

Last August (2020) we ordered organic certified soapnuts from 'Hari Poudyal' at ‘National Organics.' We paid US$6, 000 by bank transfer. This was not our first time to purchase from this business. We had spent months building a partnership. However, this time, Hari continually delayed the order. At the time we were very understanding because of the covid lockdowns. However, even after the lockdowns ended, Hari had not sent the shipment.

Then from February (2021) Hari began to make up lies that our soapnut shipment had been dispatched but no shipping documents were ever sent and no goods have arrived in Korea. After 16 months we have heard nothing from Hari about our soapnuts and we have no goods.

We are currenlty taking formal and informal actions to get our fund back, then will take a legal action against National organics for our business damage.