NCsoft - NCsoft requesting $40 to return my account

Jan 23, 2022

John Pena-of Miami, US

On December of 2021 I made a mistaken purchase of $40 because someone inside the game "Blade and Soul" lied to me about something among the game that wasn't working properly. I submitted a ticket to Blade and Soul support requesting a refund of the $40. They refused for no particular reason other than greed. So, I called my credit card company and asked to dispute the charges. After my break from the Holidays (January 2021), when I tried to login to my account it said I was "banned" or "locked". So, I submitted another ticket that took two days to finally get a response. The support team told me I had to return the $40 to reclaim my account. Why do I have to pay $40 to reclaim my account when I have spent hundreds before on guaranteed items?