Nevada State Bank - NSF fees, untimely posting of debits and credits, helping resolve cancelations, double payments and ghost electronic payments.

Mar 06, 2022

Toddly Crue-of US

It just seems to me that I can never get a handle on this checking account. On the first of February I scheduled a PMT in paper check form. through NSB's nline bill pay feature. that same day I realized that the check would not be on time to my creditor. Immediately I payed that same bill on my creditor's website. I attempted to cancel the paper check but it seems it was already "in process" I phoned NSB's online bill pay dept and asked to cancel the check, that it was a double payment and please assist me in canceling the check. I was told it was in process and that there was nothing they could do. I phoned the creditor and explained to them to please not process the check when it arrives. They acknowledged the two payments and assured me that they would not process the paper check. The whole month of February I was seeking assistance, in branch and over the phone with both institutions regarding the check (payer/payee) NSB was of no assistance in canceling the check, by the way the check amount was $339.30

Incidently the check, three weeks later was processed by my creditors, they thought it was the next month's Pmt, it had taken that long. Needles to say, the check started being returned, credited to my account, then sent back out incurring several NSF fees and negative many other transactions to my account.

I kept depositing money to the account to cover all transactions but it's been a constant flow insufficient funds and fees since. I believe this is all being done with calculated purpose and that the customer service staff at NSB has been instructed to not be of assistance in these matters. Some are very apologetic, some are very rude and most are just as confused and baffled as I am, at the appearance and manner of the way my transactions,postings,, have been manipulated unfairly and with intent.

I could have a $1000 balance and three $30 checks out for payment and none of them would get paid. Due to the swirling tornado of unethical, unfair activitie and BS manner this bank operates.

I have too many insurances to list. Many,many more.

I have filed a formal complaint and awaiting my next move.