Nevada State Bank - Checking Account

Apr 09, 2022

MrCW-of US

In the process of cancelling my checking account. I stopped automatic debt transactions on my account and left a $ 0.01 balance on the account to ensure no charges would be authorized for payment, because the teller told me, "You have to have inactive on your account for at least 30 days". I found this strange but accepted this illogical statement. However, NSB authorized a transaction on the account for which I did not authorize for approximately $150.00. A month and half later I receive forwarded mail from NSB saying I owe $345.00 which includes the unauthorized transaction of $150.000 and about $190.00 of NSF and service charges. This is devastating as I am presently unemployed, and heartbreak that a bank would treat a Veteran after I have demonstrated their fault in approving the transition that now has caused me to owe this bank $345.00.