New American Funding - Mortgage

Apr 04, 2022

Hector landrau-of Landisville, US

On 2/11/22 I received a letter that was an escrow letter indicating that I had a shorts of $3,227.36. This shortage was due to increase in my taxes. When I called my township. After numerous calls with my township they confirmed that an error had occurred on their part. The township stated that they would communicate with the escrow department of Newamerican funding to let them know that an error had occurred on their part, and what ever adjustment that it would be corrected. For the month of march of 2022 I was told by both the township and new American funding that the escrow would be corrected and my payment would be adjusted and that never happened. My payment for the month of February 2022 was $1,897.66 and the new payment went to $2,400.01 for the month of March 2022. We are in the month of April and still no changes have been made. New American funding has never once called me with type’s of updates. I have spent countless hours making all the calls to both the township and new American funding. When I call new American funding I never get one specific person that has some concrete knowledge of the situation. This has been very stressful for me and my wife . We are both seniors with a fix income and this has been a heart ship for us. I am requesting that someone call me as soon as possible.