Northern Tool + Equipment - Houma,La Store

Feb 09, 2022

Michelle sanchez-of US

My name is Michelle I was in the Houma store Sunday Feb 6 to buy a $500 utility trailer that computer stated they had 4 in stock so we drove almost 2 hrs to get

But the assistant manager said that they where on a shelf where a forklift had to b used and no one in store was certified

Now I’m would think that the manager and assistant manager should b certified for if one isn’t there the other one can do what the manager does and at least someone who is certified to operate a forklift should have been there.

I even ask them if they would be willing to ship it to me and they pay the shipping fee which assistant manager wasn’t interested in doing anything to help us i ask her to call the manger to see what could be done she didnt care one bit.

I have been a assistant manger of tractor supply and we all had to b certified for forklift

I think u should start doing the same if she was telling the truth

This is not a the way to run a business

i even called a number for customer care and they gave me the wrong representative for that area because i sent email to Thomas Madden and it said wrong email

Michelle Sanchez