Northern Tool + Equipment - I was put on hold for 28.43 min.

Feb 24, 2022

duane gudridge-of ocala, US

I was put on hold that I had time to drive to the store and look for what I was looking for and the whole time I was on hold I waited in line still on hold when I finally got to a register mind you they where not busy at this time at this time I hung up the phone and asked for a superviser he came asked me what the problem was and I told him... He then asked if he could help me find the part.. I told him to late as I had already looked thru the store and did not find as I was still on hold... I then told him he sucked as a superviser and needed better control at that store... The store was 3970 sw 3rd st ocala fl 34474 this happend on tuesday feb 22 2022 at 10 am... I us your store for my job but having doubts about it now