NPR - BBC World Service

Nov 29, 2021

Google yfirdyiwek — Charlottesville, USA

I am finding BBC to be seriously biased against the Ethiopian government in the crisis in Ethiopia. I realize NPR does not control what BBC does, but I would like to see NPR, at least, not repeating what BBC is doing. For example, in their first BBC broadcast this morning (before 5:00 AM), they aired a report that contained the argument of a person who, why saying he was not in favor of Abiye's government, nevertheless saw that Ethiopia is going to prevail over the TPLF. In a rebroadcast of the same program later (after 9:00 AM), BBC cut the person's comments -- even though they were critical to presenting a balanced view. BBC seems intent on fanning the flames of war in the country rather than seeking to report fairly on the situation. I hope NPR recognizes this and avoids following the same path. I am a supporter of NPR for its fairness and direct reporting, not mouthing what others have said. This is the first time I have see NPR in danger of being an unwitting participant in biased news reporting.