NSI Protection Plus - Thermador Refrigerator

Mar 10, 2022

opaleski-of Marion, US

Going on three compressors being changed out and still does not work. Do not waste your money on this warranty company. Don't walk--run away.

Date Claim number Correspondence

10/26/2019 Goldman Appliance service call ‐ need a new compressor

10/21/2020 [protected] MD Appliance service call ‐ need new compressor

11/16/2020 [protected]

Called NSI to find out when approval will be made ‐ spoke to


11/19/2020 [protected] Called MD Appliance ‐ no answer from NSI about claim

Called NSI ‐ spoke with Ariana ‐ why no answer yet on claim


1/21/2021 [protected]

Called MD Appliance ‐ spoke to Rachelle told me to contact

Thermador ‐ also email correspondence with Rachelle ‐ MD

Appliance ‐ waiting for parts from Thermador ‐ Compressor

and Dryer filter


[protected] ‐ Thermador

file #2430861

email correspondence with Rachelle ‐ MD Appliance Still

waiting for update from Thermador

2/9/2021 [protected] Called MD Appliance ‐ scheduled repair

3/13/2021 [protected] MD Appliance Repair ‐ replaced Compressor and Dryer Filter

12/27/[protected] Called NSI Protection filed claim scheduled for 12/29/21


Received call from Ray's appliance rescheduled rapair for



Repairman showed up ‐ informed him compressor had been

replaced twice before ‐ found refrigerator unrepairable.


Received emails from Tier 1 telling me that they want to

replace compressor again ‐ informed them that it had already

been replaced twice before ‐ they claim they don't have any

record of it ever being replaced

Once again I am reaching out to find out what the delay is in repairing my refrigerator (CLAIM # 7563020). Last correspondence from you was January 6, 2022. PLEASE ADVISE WHAT THE HOLD UP IS AND WHY YOU HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO MY LAST TWO EMAILS (JANUARY 7, 2022 AND JANUARY 14, 2022). Ghosting me will not make me go away!

Carol Opaleski

16070 SE 115th Ave

Weirsdale, FL 32195


On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 11:21 AM Carol Anne wrote:

I just spoke to Ray Appliance to find out when they were going to repair the sealed system - they say they haven't heard back from you to schedule the repair - PLEASE ADVISE IMMEDIATELY WHAT THE HOLD UP IS. There is absolutely no reason for there to be a delay unless you intend to refund the money I paid for this unit.

If need be I will contact an attorney - I'm tired of all your delays - this is the same garbage you pulled with the last repair!


On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 10:41 AM Tier1 wrote:

S/C indicating unit needing sealed system repair. We do not have any documentation that this repair has ever been done. Please allow Ray Appliance to attempt to repair the unit. We will not consider other options until they have attempted repairs.