NTUC Income Insurance - No Proper Follow-Up From NTUC Agent Resulting in Rider Lapse

Feb 09, 2022

Goh Eileen-of US

Dear Sir,

On 20 May 2021 received a letter from Income regarding the above. I called my agent, Mr Goh Boon Cheng, told him that I was waiting for Income to send me invoice to make payment. The agent told me I cannot make payment anymore must wait for NTUC to reinstate my rider first. I asked him for help to assist me on this matter as my 90 years old mum just discharged from the hospital and I am the only care giver...I can't leave her alone at home. The agent told me he cannot help me much, except to sent me the online form to fill with e-signature. I told him I am not so IT savvy but will try. I had follow the instruction given to me accordingly and submit. I was disappointed with the agent as being an agent he cannot even show empathy for client to ran an extra mile to deliver the documents to client home. Since then I have been waiting for my rider to be re-instat so that payment can be make but have not hear from Income. The agent also did not follow-up with me after that. Now I am told that my rider cannot be re-instat...this is again a great disappointment. I have been making payment faithfully to Income all these while both premium and rider without failed. Last year Income decided to change to become paperless and stop sending invoice and agent did not do a proper follow-up causing the payment of the rider to be delayed and thus subsequently lapse...

This is not acceptable to me. I would appreciate if you could look at the above matter and kindly reinstate my rider immediately. Income being a big and reputable organisation among the insurance industries I trust that the management will be able to handle my case with empathy, kindness and appropriately.

Await your kind respond. Thank you!


Eileen Goh