Nutriessential - Homeopathic Products

Apr 03, 2022

Jessica.Moore-of US

This was a truly disheartening transaction that has now spanned 5 months. It’s sad because they sell such life saving products, but have extremely poor and sketchy business practices.

I ordered 3 products in November that were recommended by my homeopath for a protocol. She wasn’t familiar with this company, but they had one item I needed to have on hand so I decided to give them a try. Nutriessentials emailed to inform me one item was on back order and would be sent within the month. I cancelled the two items that were urgent and waited for the one that was on backorder because I could wait one month for that item. A month later it was still on back order and I needed that item so I had cancelled it and went with another company.

Nutriessentials emails me in February that wi the tracking information. They sent all three products and told me they are a drop ship company and cannot cancel the items because they already shipped. They said I didn’t cancel early enough which is laid out in previous email history. Then they said they’d send me a return label, but I would have to pay $17 for this tiny, lightweight package to be shipped not too far from my home. They said they would refund me if I paid the shipping which was absolutely flabbergasting. They have also not sent the return label and it’s the beginning of April. There has been back and forth communication through mid-March with me trying to get my money back. Beware of this company.