NVHomes - Warranty not honored

Mar 08, 2022

CathyNor-of Lewes, US

We built our NV home in 2015 in The Costal Club in Lewes DE. Like many of the NV homes we had a lot of problems with water in the basement. We contacted them on numerous occasions, and eventually they came out and discovered the problem and fixed it. As time passed we discovered another leak in another part of the basement and contacted NV again. Since it took so long for them to get to us the first time we weren’t worried, we’re not the type to keep hounding the builder, understanding that they were busy and would help us when they could. They finally called us back to say that they were sorry, our five year warranty had JUST expired and they weren’t going to help us. They admitted we had contacted them well before the five years were up and stated “We tried to contact you but couldn’t reach you.” My husband is retired and is always home, not to mention we have an answering machine. We weren’t contacted. I believe they intentionally waited until the warranty was over. I believe NV is a deceitful company and warn others not to build with them. My basement is still leaking. Many neighbors had this problem but it was easier for NV to fix it because their basements weren’t finished. We paid to have NV finish our basement, which was obviously a mistake, as was trusting them in the first place.