O2 Germany - Overcharged for a number I cannot use

Feb 24, 2022

Jeyan Çınar-of DE

Mid-January 2022, I signed up for a monthly contract of around 40 EU, was told I will be charged a 40 EU one time fee. I signed all necessary papers and went home to try my new German SIM card, only to find out my foreign device won't let me use it. I went back to the shop asking for advice, also for a tariff with a device. The shop told me it was not possible since I didn't have a German GiroCard yet. I said fair enough and decided to wait for a month to get things settled. Note that I have never been able to fully go online with my new German number, I was just inserting the SIM card once a week to see if I received anything.

End of January, I received an auto notification saying my bill was 160 EU due 1st February. The breakdown shows 2 different number activations, one of them was not familiar to me. Went back to the shop (3rd time) to see they accidentally activated a second number without my consent. I told them to cancel it, but they told me the only thing they can do is to file a complaint.

I made 2 complaints in total - 1 from the shop, 1 by calling the English help line. A couple of weeks later I received a reply about my complaint on the phone, saying 'Dear O2 customer, we have checked your request. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, we credited your customer account xxx with the amount of EUR 79.98 on January 27th, 2022. This amount will be shown on one of the next invoices and offset against any outstanding amounts from previous months.' I thought this was settled. I never heard from the shop.

On 1st of February, I get a notification from my bank saying I was charged 120 EU. I tried to call the help line for days, but couldn't get anyone on the phone. I visited the shop again (4th time) on 12th February to ask about this, got no answer as the systems were down at that time. They promised they would call me next Monday (14th February). But since I cannot use my German number on my current device, I told them to call me using my current foreign number. They promised me they would call.

Today is 24th of February and I haven't heard of any corrections whatsoever. I have paid 120 Euros for a number I can't even use, for a service I can't even reach, for incompetent customer hospitality at the shop.