Octagon - I am complaining about my iphone that was defect.

Jan 13, 2022

Brielle Allegra Berces-of US

Nov. 15, 2021- I bought an Iphone XR in Octagon Tabaco Branch ( Albay, Bicol ). That day i already had a problem with the wifi connection and data.
Nov. 17, 2021- I went to Octagon to tell them whats wrong about my phone. they said that i have to check it from Mac Store, I was confused since Mac Store is not part of Octagon. but still i went to mac store. They told me there is something wrong with the phone.

Nov 18, 2021- Came back to Octagon to tell them about what Mac Store said. Told them i want to replace it because it is obviously defect. They told me that i cannot replace it without a letter from Apple Store that the iphone that i purchased from them is defect. they told me that they will send it to their main office to check it..

Long story short.
It is already January 13, 2022. no update from them. It is still in Manila..

Now, my question is, it is obviously defect. Why cant they replace it or why cant i return it. They already checked that there was a problem with the phone. Why do i have to wait for 2 months or God knows when will i wait.