Office Furniture Online - Damaged Tables

Feb 11, 2022

TonyF_2022-of Round Rock, US

I ordered a table online through office depot the order# was [protected]-001. It was damaged upon delivery and I had to call and return. I was told it would take 7 to 10 days for a credit on my credit card, it took 3 weeks. During this time I was asked if I would to get another table to replace the damaged one, I was assured that the table would not be damaged. The order# for the 2nd table was [protected], this table upon delivery was also damaged. I had to call in again and was told that I would receive a credit to my credit card but I was lied to I never received a credit on my credit card it has been 4 weeks since I was told I would receive a credit. I got an email from an Office Depot contractor by the name of Shubham Shukla confirming that I would receive a credit, this never happened. I called back and ask to speak to a supervisor, after being on hold for about 45 mins I spoke to a Rey Onia. I explained that the table has been outside for pick up and no one ever picked up the table. Rey Onia assured me that the table would be picked up and my credit card would be refunded, this never happened and I am stuck with a damaged table and being ripped off by office depot and lied to by Rey Onia, they of course never refunded my credit card. I am currently looking into exposing the fraud by Rey Onia and Office Depot, if your reading this NEVER buy anything from Office Depot online. When you call to report your item being damaged you get someone who is overseas and does not care about you, they care about money. I will be filing additional complaints online and will be contacting office depot corporate as well.