Ogawa - Bad after sales services

Nov 24, 2021

Sharmila Sateeish — USA

Hi Sir,

I am a customer of Ogawa since 2014. At that time I invested in a RM15000 massage chair. EarlyNov 2021, realise that the leg massage was not working. I placed for technician to go over, there was no sound for almost 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I contacted again. My case no is CS065080. I received a call 24 Nov 2021 only to mention that Ogawa can send technician to my house with RM180 charges with no solution. It was mentioned that the chair model is not reproduced therefore there is no solution. I was forced to close the case because despite technician coming over, I was mentioned there would not be replacement parts.

So in short this is not a good after sales service. Actually I wanted to trade in the model to get 2 difference massage chair. And when I informed I wanted to buy 2 different model by trading in the current one I have., WA message keep flowing in to my handphone on which models I would prefer to buy.

I see clearly that this is very bad after sales service. I think what is important here is the service to the customer that will make them come back. It is not focusing on the sales! sales! sales.