OK Furniture - Bed/mattress sagging

Mar 22, 2022

Gemavee-of Tzaneen, ZA

I have bought a bed in ok Tzaneen which took over a month plus without getting it delivered as they said they don’t have stock after trying to make arrangements of a refund or collect from another branch eventually they called and said they did receive stock back it Tzaneen around august 2020 this was after 2 full months from the initial date of purchase I am fully based in Johannesburg and the bed was used in Tzaneen of which I hardly use it to my shock early January 2021 the mattress started sagging and I could feel the springs of the bed I tried to rotted the bed yet it got worse I tried to ask for assistance from the branch with no luck it’s sad coz the bed was not yet even Half a year since I bought it but it’s as old as years how do I get assistance from this because it’s clearly not the quality I expected for the amount I paid for it