Online Land USA - Ripoff

Dec 08, 2021

Kristina Townsend-of United States

I have tried numerous times to get in contact with someone from this company. We began our contract with you in the beginning of June and we had moved our RV, dome building, tools and other personal items on to the property. We had cleared off a space and we were going to begin building when my wife and I fell ill with covid in Oct. this put us out of work for a little while and we fell behind with our bills. We were 27 days behind when we went to our property and were approached by our neighbors whom had guns and we were forced to leave the property and all of our belongings because he said he bought our property and everything on it. We were never notified of any eviction or that we were fixing to lose everything. We contacted authorities and they were going to allow us to have our things until the supposed new owner told the authorities that he papers stating that you guys sold the property and all of our contents to him. Now we have to go to court. All I wanted was my things back,