Open Study College - Been lied to on numerous occasions, still waiting for my certificate for nearly 12 weeks now!!

Feb 12, 2022

Kay.Mewett-of Suffolk, GB

Hello, I’d like to make a formal complaint now, I’ve been lied to and received the most shocking service.. I completed my course back in November 2021 and was told I would receive my certificate in 8 weeks time fair enough I allowed time and was reasonable understanding because it was Christmas and obviously you would of been closed for that period, so I called again in January spoke to a lady please don’t ask me who because notes should be on my account as to who I spoken to, in fairness wasn’t very helpful at all.. I was told it should be arriving in February.. I then waited 2 weeks into February I called Open Study college again on the 11th of February spoke to a male this time and was advise that this will be looked into and that I will receive an email on the same day to let me know what’s happening this has not happened, the service I received is so shocking words cannot even describe it, I paid you money and completed my course during a very stressful time in my life due to personal circumstances your service has made the journey even worse for me.. I’d like my complaint to be acknowledged and someone to get back to with the decency to let me know what’s happening..

Kay Mewett

Student number: 2020OSC212119