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Mar 24, 2022

Mazza54-of Liverpool, GB

My son is in prison studying a counselling course. He wanted to do a level 3 course and asked me to find an establishment that provided level 3 and also provided paper base long distance learning for prisoners. I phoned numerous colleges and finally found the one I am complaining about. They assured me that they catered for prisoners, offered paper base and provided support. Before I paid for the course I was able to contact a person called Heinz’s Bains, he fell over himself making promises and as soon as the course fee was paid he went off the radar. My son received his his first assignment in May/June last year 2021. The assignment stressed he had to go online for further information. I contacted the college stressing that he did not have access to the internet and that they would have to send the information that was online to him in paper form as they had promised they would do. They never sent the information. His second assignment was the same. It said he would have to go online for further information. I was on the phone constantly, they kept saying they would send the information to him, all they sent was what they had previously sent him. I phoned and emailed constantly but to no avail. My son could not complete the second assignment even the education department in the prison he was in were discussed with how he was treated, they even contacted the College. I contacted the college to say my son could not complete the course and I wanted a refund. They kept making excuses and I informed them that I was taking it further. They then said they couldn’t give a refund as the 14 day cooling off period had well past. This college gave false information and never stuck to their promises.