Optical Outlets - Contact Lenses

Apr 09, 2022

Vanessa Rosado-of US

Since my first visit with the location on Tamiami, I have been waiting for a total of three months to get my glasses. Between waiting on contacts to begin trial and lies about the status on when they would receive them. Then have to wait again because I could not see well through that first pair. The lady in charge of ordering them, ordered me a second trial. Called her the week prior to our altercation, to ask if the set has come in. She stated that they should be in by tomorrow. I then waited 4 days to call, because I knew she was lying again. She gave me attitude, not a bit concerned about me and what she has done in the past few months. Started talking over me when I questioned her about her lies, to then call me aggressive, and that she was going to call the police on me. This process has taken over three months. And this woman has made this process for me so difficult, when honesty and a bit more empathy would have sufficed. And forgot to mention how they overcharged me for my eye exam. My insurance paying $150, and my out-of-pocket cost $80 for the exam and trial lenses.