OpticsPlanet - Unfulfilled Gift Certificates

Feb 16, 2022

Liberal Tears-of US

I ordered 9 gift certificates, which you would think would take a day or two to fulfill. After the second day I contacted OP via chat. Their customer service informed me that my order was “processing” and it would take 1-3 days. I found this somewhat odd being that I have ordered gift certificates from them in the past and received the redemption codes within an hour or two. I waited a week and contacted them again. This time the representative was exceedingly dismissive and rude, essentially she informed me it would take as long as it takes and there was nothing she could do. Needless to say I found this to be unacceptable, is one supposed to wait indefinitely for what is essentially a company credit? After a few more days I contacted their customer service again, this time I spoke with the supervisor who informed me that she would personally look into the issue with their processing department and follow up with my order once she uncovered the reason for the delay. In addition she would follow up with me after the order was processed. It is now going on the end of week 2 going into week 3 and I have yet to here anything from anyone at Optics Planet. I will be disputing this charge with my bank under a “theft” being the processing time has long since expired and I have yet to receive my purchase. Optics Planet has been hit or miss over the years, but recently they have seriously turned into a exceedingly bad company. Their lack of customer service will eventually catch up to them.