OPTIMA Batteries - Optima red top battery

Apr 26, 2022

Soberbk-of Merrifield, US

I purchase the optima red top I believe last November Of 2021 installed it then 3 days later my engine and transmission blew, so I replaced my engine with a crate motor and new transmission. I have spent insane amount of money trying to fix the problems on my truck and it got to a point no one could figure it out. I even spent 2 grand for a shop to do nothing they couldn’t figure it out it was to the point where my truck wouldn’t go 15 minutes because of Ecm/pcm short circuit code. So out a random attempt I put an interstates battery in it now it won’t die. 3 seperate trips in the last 3 days 2-3 hours at a time it’s good I’m to afraid to ever put that red top in anything I own, it’s especially disappointing because I spent a lot of money on that battery I was really excited about it. And I know believe it to have cost me 1000s in repairs. It constantly made crazy codes. 1 more example it’s was throwing a gross evap code error even after replacing the entire evap system and smoke test that problem was over taking by the pcm code. I was at a loss and I’m just happy to have it resolved but something people should be aware of if they start having problems like me