Ottawa Valley Meats - These guys make false claims

Mar 03, 2022

torontorooster-of Etobicoke, CA

Ottawa Valley Meats is a sham. They proclaim to be all free range. I call bull. Ordered About 100 lbs of free range chicken legs at a great price if they were indeed free range. I've bought better chicken at my local No frills and I was also shortchanged quite a few of the packages maybe a quarter of them had only 2 or 3 legs not the supposed 4 or 5. I placed another order for this last Christmas. Ordered a box of steaks and 3 bone in free range hams. These hams were for Christmas dinner so when they arrived I was dissappointed. What I received were 3 virginia hams from the buther shoppe. Called them up asked if there hams are free range they said no. They were also very close to expiry. These guys are a joke. I don't know how they get so many good reveiws. When I contacted customer service they said they would get back to me but never did. When I make social media complaints about them they fabricate stories like I was trying to extort them for free products. COMPLETLY FALSE. I want people to know that thiese guys are CROOKS and their defensive responses to my posts are even more proof that they are a trash company! I disputed the charge for the hams on my mastercard and received my money back. BUYER BEWARE this company is not straight up