Palm Harbor Homes - Purchased home

Mar 07, 2022

Stephanie Holder-of Taft, US

THIS IS NO WHERE NEAR ALL INCOMPLETE WORK WE HAVE BEEN PROVIDED! I AM DEMANDING A RESOLUTION DATE ! This is unacceptable unsafe and the fact we have been forced to contact hud is BS. We paid a lot of money for our home can’t even have baths the same night! I’m also sending this along with a letter of how EVERYONE FROM THE FACTORY TO YOUR LOCATION HAS BOTHERED TO GET THIS SETTLED!

Pics of the flooding are in video form. No ac blows through half of the house! Shingles all over my yard from the SO-CALLED ROOF! Transition looks like a toddler did it and is soft in the center and BY NO MEANS CONSTITUTES A TRANSITION ON A 200,000 home!

Never agreed that my washer could drain outside of my sliding glass door that was additional! No vent for dryer . Complete lazy and would NEVER RECOMMEND THEM! Ohhh yeah if you get a big bathtub you won’t have enough hot water to fill it! THATS ADDITIONAL! None of my family can bathe the same night this has been a nightmare

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