Palmera Vacation Club - $149 Vacation Package

Mar 08, 2022

Laura Hil-of US

In Sept 2021, I was called about purchasing a two-day vacation that started on any Wednesday throughout the year. After purchasing, I was told to just click Book Me and schedule my trip. I have tried multiple times and never receive a response from the request. I called in late November and was told that my dates were not open to call again in January. In January 2022, I booked again and no response. I called again and was told that it would open the beginning of February. Same thing. This time I was told that I could book on March 1st. I booked that day and never received a response again. Tried again, no response. Called today (3/08/2022) and was told that they did not have an opening for the date requested. This is a scam or a response would have occurred. I have asked for management to call me but no phone call yet.