PaperHelp - Assignment was done very poorly.

Jan 25, 2022

matthew N-of US

Here is the complaints I sent to them.
So many formatting errors with Chicago and some misspellings. Sometimes you used Arial and other times you used Times Roman in the footnotes. There was inconsistent formatting throughout the paper. The footnotes were not always double spaced and the indent is a mess. I wrote about 40 pages and sent it to you in the middle of November. I also did the bibliography. It seems to me you really spent a minimum amount of time considering I did a lot of the heavy work at the beginning.
From the writing, it looks like you only did a few pages of the work. Once again I wrote the 40 pages which I am glad that you used but a few pages of work is not worth 2000 dollars.
I hired them in mid-November and they had until Jan 25th to get it done. They did not send a rough draft until the day of the deadline. I kept asking about rough drafts since the beginning. They did not directly answer my question about rough drafts.
The conclusion is way too short for such a long paper.
I think I should get a 1000 dollar discount. I already did a lot of the work.